What we do:

The Problem
Despite a strong desire to implement environmental sustainability initiatives, most craft brewers, distillers and vintners don't have the time or money to spend on energy efficiency or other green projects. These are often small operations, with no room in the budget for major capital expenditures, and no time on the schedule to be away from production.

Traditional sources of funding, like venture capital or bank loans, are expensive, not available or require the company to give up some level of equity. Many Brewers, Vintners and Distillers may not be credit worthy in today’s lending marketplace and many government subsidies require out of pocket expenditures before rebates or tax incentives are received. . The global producers have access to cheaper capital than craft ones, spend outrageous amounts of money on marketing, distribution and lobbying, and receive the benefits of the capital markets as a whole. It’s not a level the playing field.

The Solution
Crowd sourcing through is an ideal way for Brewers, Vintners and Distillers to raise funds for environmental projects without creating any stress on the balance sheet. Distributed risk enables Brewers, Vintners and Distillers to reach across a broad lender base, asking each to loan small dollar amounts to projects. Participants in crowdfunding have a belief in the project they are supporting, and are more willing to take a risk considering the small average loan size. Effective crowdfunding efforts require bridging the emotional and the rational motivators in the lender. Brewers, Vintners and Distillers have been successful at this for years, and will support their efforts. is working with energy efficiency, sustainable manufacturing and environmental experts to develop roadmaps to help identify project opportunities and help set goals for producers of craft beer, wine and distilled spirits. The web site is the platform for marketing the project and raising the funds needed to reduce their carbon footprints, greenhouse gas emissions, while relating to their communities and customers in new and meaninful ways.

Studies in each of the participating industries have validated that energy efficiency and green projects will save Brewers, Vintners and Distillers money, reduce waste, and benefit the environment. For example, California wineries are currently working with local utility companies to determine paths toward sustainability. The American Brewers Association has an extensive roadmap available on their web site detailing sustainable brewing practices and energy efficiency projects. The distilled spirits manufacturers have been working with local water districts in the effort to reduce water waste and ensure clean water reservoirs.

Depending on the project size, Brewers, Vintners and Distillers will have the chance to establish thousands of new relationships with potential customers. Crowdfunding through will enable the craft beer, wine and microdistilling industries, leveraging the latest technology and equipment, to be on the cutting edge of energy efficiency, sustainable manufacturing, and innovative financial solutions while minimizing waste, reducing energy costs, engaging with their consumers and removing the most common obstacles to green initiatives, money and time. Check on each of the tabs to see how it works. Cheers!

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