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If you are interested in working with, there are a number of ways to participate.

  1. Environmental consultants, contractors and vendors should use the contact tab to express your interest in sourcing projects, working on projects, supplying equipment or other services.
  2. Bloggers and writers are welcome to participate by helping source projects or lenders by introducing readers to You will earn free credits to lend or cash out based on a referral agreement.
  3. You would like to advertise on the web site, or have your products promoted for their use on existing projects, please use the contact tab to express your interest.
  4. I'm sure there are additional ways people can help. Contact us, and we'll see.

Here are some useful links:

Energy Efficiency Consultants: These companies can help you with identifying project opportunities.

Antea Group -
Sustainable Manufacturing Consulting firm specializing in beverages

Mondre Energy -
Energy Services Company

Ameresco -
Energy Services Company

Noresco -
Energy Services Company

Seimens -
Energy Services Company

Beer Industry links:

American Brewer's Association -

BA's guide to sustainable brewing -

Distilling Industry Links:

The American Distilling Institute -

Distilled Spirits Council of the US -

American Craft Distillers Association -

Wine Industry links:

Wines and Vines -

Green Links:

What is Performance Contracting?

US Energy Star details on Performance Contracting:

US Department of Energy on Energy Efficiency:

US EPA on sustainable manufacturing: