- B Corporation

Also known as a Benefit Corporation in some states, this designation will give the ability to
reapply a percentage of profits back into the business as loans to new projects.

- Brewery

See EcoPublican

- Brewing

The art and science of making beer

- Brewpub

A small brewery that serves food. Also, a restaurant the brews it's own beer on site. I guess it depends on
your perspective. Also, see EcoPublican.

- Crowd Funding

An individual reaching a fundraising goal by receiving and leveraging small contributions from many parties in
support of a project or venture.

- Crowd Sourcing

An individual reaching a goal by receiving and leveraging small contributions from many parties.

- EcoDrinker

An individual interested in lending small dollar amount to EcoPublicans to help fund green projects


The web site portal for EcoPublicans to post their projects and EcoDrinkers to search and lend.

- EcoPublican

Craft Brewpubs, microbreweries, wineries, microdistilleries interested in financing their green projects on to reduce their carbon footprints and lower the cost of energy. For purposes, we will use the definitions as used by industry trade groups, but there is no limit regarding size if the project meets standards, and the EcoDrinkers are willing to lend.

- Energy Efficiency

Maximizing the effectiveness and usefulness of natural resources by minimizing waste, using cleaner alternatives and leveraging new equipment and processes.


Energy Services Contractor - companies licensed and certified to perform energy efficiency retrofits and


Energy Savings Performance Contract - an agreement between an Energy Services Contractor (see ESCO) to perform
energy efficiency upgrades and retrofits where repayment of costs comes from the realized savings on the utility bill.

- Green Projects

A project that supports sustainable manufacturing with measurable results.

- Incentives

Tools used by EcoPublicans to motivate EcoDrinkers to lend to their projects. They are used as differentiators, to make an EcoPublican project stand out to potential lenders.

- JOBS Act

Legislation approved by Congress that will enable equity crowd funding via the internet without the limitations associated with traditional equity raising. The SEC is finalizing the rules, and should be fully implemented in 2014.

- Micro Brewery

See EcoPublican

- Micro Distillery

See EcoPublican

- Spirit

A distilled alcoholic beverage

- Sustainable Manufacturing

The effort to reduce the amount of natural resources an entity uses in the manufacturing and delivery of goods and services


A project brought to by an EcoPublican that is already contracted to a certified vendor with
measurable benefits.

  • Winery See EcoPublican