2 Brothers Old Brewing Company

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2 Brothers Old Brewing Company
  • Project Type: ESPC - Comprehensive equipment upgrade and building retrofit
    • Industry: Microbrewery
    • Funding Need: $250,000
    • Year Established: 1993
    • Brewhouse size: 30 bbl
    • Time needed for work to be completed: 8 months
    • Repayment of Loan Term: 5 years
    • Utility Company or ESCO: PECO

Project Summary:
2 Brothers Brewery will work with PECO on the performance contract that will enable the brewery to repay lenders from realized savings on their utility bills. The comprehensive energy audit identified many opportunities for savings. If the entire scope of the project is funded, the potential annual cost avoidance (savings) exceeds $200,000, with realized savings in electricity, natural gas, water/wastewater, solid waste and recyclables.

The project scope includes:

  • Comprehensive weatherization, sub-metering and equipment upgrade, including pumps, motors, compressors and HVAC
  • Boiler condensate return
  • Installation of Verde wastewater pretreatment system

Expected Results:

  • Energy Cost Reduction: 45%
  • Percent of energy use reduction: 65%
  • Water and Solid Waste reduction: 35%

Our Story:
We are a 75,000 bbl Microbrewery striving to continue our pursuit of a zero carbon footprint. Established in 1993 in 100+ year old brewery, we quickly outgrew our original brewhouse, and upsized to increase capacity. We were so focused on growth, that we didn't invest in green initiatives. It is past time, and with EcoDrinkers help, we expect to exceed the efficiency goals we set, and significantly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. We will upgrade to state of the art technology and equipment for energy management. Our team of award winning brewers and dedicated staff are striving to implement sustainable manufacturing techniques, and the EE equipment will help us attain a zero carbon foot print while continuing to brew award winning beers..